Another one of our yearly venues is the LEX Fall Fair. We shared a booth with the Olde Gaol Museum. As usual, we had a display of spinning, weaving, and dyeing materials as well as a live demonstration of spinning and weaving.

Our very own Megan, going over some of the finer points of spinning with a new recruit.


We, as a Guild, have had a busy summer again. One of our yearly events is to weave a project at the Kinmount Fair.

We use the old, mid 1800's barn loom that is housed in a building there.

This is the loom, and the warp we put on it for this year's project ...

This is a beast of a loom, and would have been used by a family of itinerant weavers. They would move around the countryside, doing whatever weaving jobs they could get. At each farm, they would unload the loom and assemble it in the barn, live there with it until the job was done, take the loom apart again, and move to another farm.

It was a tough life to be sure.

Thank You for being patient over the last while.

We have undergone some changes and this blog is one of the items that got lost in the process.

Hopefully, this will become an informative site.

We welcome you to join a warm, enthusiastic group of people with a mission to:
  • encourage, expand and preserve excellence of craftsmanship in hand spinning, weaving and all textile arts
  • foster a sense of beauty and colour in yarn design
  • provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and information
We are a group who meet to investigate and learn new techniques and enhance our skills in weaving, spinning, dyeing, knitting, crochet, rug hooking and other hand work.

Programs related to spinning, weaving and other fibre arts are held at each meeting. Sometimes videos, hands-on workshops, guest speakers or our own members with expertise in specific areas facilitate our monthly programs. We try to feature some aspect of one of our crafts every month.

Our members come from all walks of life, of all ages, and all levels of interest and skill in textile arts.

Regardless of the level of ability our members are interested in the crafts of spinning and weaving and all other fibre arts, and willingly share our knowledge and ideas.

The inspirational "Show and Tell" shares our successes, reviews our problems, and comes up with solutions.

Social breaks provide the opportunity to catch up on events, share ideas and trade advice.

We also participate as a group in local community events such as:
  • house tours
  • Settlers Village
  • local fairs
  • school visits
 through demonstrations and displays.