I had a pleasant conversation with Anne at "Curious" in Fenelon Falls. She does fibre painting and her pieces are just drop dead gorgeous!
She has become a local Ashford fibre supplier and although the selection is small at the moment, she is planning to bring in a lot more over the summer.
She also teaches classes in fibre painting and will be doing some other classes later in the year.
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Kawartha Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild
The weatherman is promising that it won't be long now until we start to see some Spring like weather.

Something else to cheer any fibre person up is the promise of another fibre show!

Coming fairly soon .... Prince Edward County Fibre Fest
It's never too early to start planning the years fibre events.

Coming in the fall, Labour Day weekend, a fun event ...

Yarns From The Mill Festival

Clicking on the link should get you there.

Coming In February

Something to help relieve the cabin fever that happens this time of year.

It is also something to add to the itinerary if you are planning a trip to Toronto.


Enjoy if you go.
Another one of our yearly venues is the LEX Fall Fair. We shared a booth with the Olde Gaol Museum. As usual, we had a display of spinning, weaving, and dyeing materials as well as a live demonstration of spinning and weaving.

Our very own Megan, going over some of the finer points of spinning with a new recruit.


We, as a Guild, have had a busy summer again. One of our yearly events is to weave a project at the Kinmount Fair.

We use the old, mid 1800's barn loom that is housed in a building there.

This is the loom, and the warp we put on it for this year's project ...

This is a beast of a loom, and would have been used by a family of itinerant weavers. They would move around the countryside, doing whatever weaving jobs they could get. At each farm, they would unload the loom and assemble it in the barn, live there with it until the job was done, take the loom apart again, and move to another farm.

It was a tough life to be sure.